Video: World’s Largest Rope Swing!

Remember the video I posted a few months back that featured a human slingshot? Well the same creative (and crazy!) folks that were behind that clip are back with another scary, yet fun, video. This time, they’ve rigged up the world’s largest rope swing, and it quite a ride.

Essentially, they’ve rigged up the “swing” to the top of a large stone arch. They then fling themselves off the top of the arch and hang on for dear life while they fly through the air – with helmet-cams capturing all the fun of course. You can check it out below.

So? Would you take this swing for a ride?

Kraig Becker

4 thoughts on “Video: World’s Largest Rope Swing!”

  1. Are you kidding me? Wow! That was awesome.

    My nine year old wants to know 'how did they know they weren't going to crash into the rocks?"

    My six year old wants to know "when can I do that?"

    My two year old wants more juice.

  2. Jane:

    Tell your nine year old that they fastened the rope in a place that allowed them to swing far enough away from the rocks so that they didn't hit the wall.

    Tell your six year old to get in line behind me. 😉

    Give your two year old some juice already! 😉

  3. Nice swing! But there are far larger ones… close to 100m (300ft) long swings! In South Africa, Victoria Falls, somewhere in Nepal..etc
    Everyone claims to have the biggest one

  4. For the 2 kids: let them learn by themselves why they don't hit the bridge: let them build a bridge about 3 feet high with whatver they can find. Then they have to tie a playmobil or lego person to some thread, and let them play to find out the right angle, height of start etc… They'll be able to understand why, while playing. Let's them get an insight of physics, gravitational force.

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