X-Prize Encourages Exploration In New Contest

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The X-Prize Foundation knows the importance of pushing our boundaries and seeking answers to important problems. After all, this is an organization that believes that through competition, we can do great things and solve some of the biggest problems facing our mankind today. They have offered large cash prizes for individuals or organizations that can develop everything from the next generation lunar lander to a medical device that can wireless monitor and diagnose your health.

Now, the Foundation has turned its eyes to the world of exploration and adventure, and hopes to encourage and inspire others to explore the world around us. To that end, theyโ€™ve launched a new contestย that will award one lucky winner a $10,000 National Geographic Expedition. All you have to do to win is upload a video that demonstrates your love for exploration and the role that it plays in your life.

You can find complete contest information by clicking here and you can watch the videos that are already uploaded here. The contest has been open since last October, and so far there arenโ€™t a lot of entries. The deadline for submitting a video is April 10th, so you still have some time.

Kraig Becker