Blind Adventure Athletes Plan To Cycle The Americas


Here’s an interesting cycling adventure that was sent my way by a reader. Christi Bruchok and Tauru Chaw have embarked on an epic journey by bike. Over the next year or so they’ll be riding from the southernmost tip of South America all the way to Alaska – tandem no less. And while we have seen others make this ride on more than one occasion, what sets Christi and Tauru apart is that they are both legally blind.

Calling their little expedition Two Blind to Ride, the duo set out back in January and have been making steady progress ever since. As of now, they have already covered more than 1887km (1172 miles) and are near Coihaique, Chile. Along the way they’ve already had their fair share of adventure, but seem to be thoroughly enjoying the ride thus far. Regular updates to their blog help keep us well informed of their progress and the photos they are posting will definitely inspire you to want to embark on a similar ride of your own.

Their website also explains their “blindness” as both of them can see to a degree. In Christi’s case her vision is severely blurred, while Tauru suffers from retinitis pigmentosa, a genetic condition that will eventually lead to complete blindness, but currently leaves him with severe tunnel vision.

This isn’t the first adventure for these two. In 2009 they made a tandem journey across the U.S. by bike as well, which has given them the confidence that they can make this ride as well. It should definitely be fun to follow their progress over the months ahead.

Kraig Becker

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