Explorers Club: Changing of the Guard

Over the past few months I’ve written several times about the internal dispute that has been going on at the Explorers Club. Members of the prestigious organization have been at odds with one another for some time over the way the EC was being run, with President Lorie Karnath directly at the center of the storm. Many questioned the way she governed the Club and there were even accusations that she had used her station for personal gain. The story went very public with articles in both the New York Post and Outside magazine, which exposed the infighting that went on between Karnath, and her supporters, against a group of high profile members who weren’t happy with the way she ran the organization.

This past weekend the controversy was put to rest when the EC held their annual dinner and conducted elections for leadership. The ballots were cast anonymously and in the end Karnath was voted out of office in favor of new president Alan Nichols. Four other members also left the board, including  Josh Bernstein, the former television host whose clash with Karnath helped to bring the entire story to light. In Josh’s case his three-year term was up and he decided not to run for re-election.

Outside has a short follow-up to their story, which you can read here, that gives more details on this changing of the guard. In that article new president Nichols is described as someone who can mend the rift in the membership and help bring the organization back together. A new era has begun at the EC and the members that I have heard from are more than ready to put these squabbles behind them and get on with regular club business.

Update: When I originally posted this story I wrote that Josh Brenstein had been voted out of office, but it turns out that his term was simply up and he decided to not run for re-election. I have changed this article to reflect that point at Josh’s request.

Kraig Becker