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Over the past few years there have been some wonderful advances in the area of fabrics used in the clothing wear while on our active endeavors. Now days we have thinner and lighter gear to keep us warm in cold weather and more breathable, wicking fabrics to keep us cool when its warm. If you’re like me, you’ve probably come to appreciate the technology that has gone into that clothing, particularly when you’re on a long run, bike ride, or hike in a variety of weather conditions.

Founded in 2005, Sports Science is a company that has put those high tech fabrics to good use. The company has built itself a reputation for creating activewear for a wide variety of outdoor activities. Their products are lightweight, attractive, excellent at wicking moisture and treated with FreshGuard to help keep them from acquiring unwanted odors. In short, they incorporate just about everything you could want out of your outdoor apparel, while still looking like something you wouldn’t mind wearing both on the trail or around town.

Recently the company sent me one of the t-shirts in their “Outdoor People” line for testing and I was immediately struck by the fact that it looked like just about any other shirt you’d find in just about any store. The graphic on the shirt was unique and original with a bit of whimsy incorporated into the design. I tried to ignore the fact that they had chosen to send me a print that is titled “Old Goat,” even though it is probably very fitting.

My initial impressions aside, I soon started to wear the shirt on a regular basis and found that it was quickly becoming one of the favorite articles of clothing in my rotation. Not only was it unique in styling it was also very comfortable to wear and the super-soft fabrics were great for what ever you have on your schedule. I’ve worn the shirt on cool, rainy days when I just lounged around the house and on day-hikes on a warm and dusty trail and each time it has been kept me very comfortable.

Wearing one of these Sports Science shirts is like wearing a technical piece of gear without the overly shining fabrics and tight fitting cut. This shirt provided all the performance you would expect out of that type of gear in a package that doesn’t look like it is something out of a cheap science fiction movie. I love the cut and fit of the Old Goat t-shirt and I love the way it keeps me comfortably dry even more.

The t-shirt that I tested is just one item in the Sports Science line. They have also have long sleeve tech and wool shirts, a variety of graphics, and so much more. Check out their entire catalog here.

Kraig Becker

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