Video: Antarctic Explorer Finds Supply Cache

When the Antarctic season was in full swing, one of the explorers that we followed on a regular basis was Aleksander Gamme, who made a solo expedition from Hercules Inlet to the South Pole and back again. It took the Norwegian 100 days to complete that journey, which was in an incredibly challenging one to say the least. Just how challenging? The video below shows Aleksander on Day 86 when he came across his final supply cache.

The pure joy he exhibits at finding a package of Cheese Doodles amongst his supplies has to be seen to be appreciated. He does speak in Norwegian throughout the video (translation here) but his reaction is probably one that we can all relate to in any language. You’ll see that reaction around the 55 second mark.


1 thought on “Video: Antarctic Explorer Finds Supply Cache”

  1. Haha! Made my day 🙂

    After he finds the cheeze doodles, he is quiet for a while. Then he says "Is this real?"
    Then he finds the chocolate:
    "What have I been thinking?!"
    He also says he has probalbly left it there to save weight, but can't believe it himself.
    In the end he shouts "I'm going maad"

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