Video: Double BASE Jump In Utah

Another great video courtesy of the Adventure Journal today. This one features BASE jumper Mario Richards as he leaps from a cliff called Dragon’s Nest, located near Moab, Utah, then proceeds to fly through the area and land on top of King Fisher, a nearby rock tower. After being greeted and congratulated by friends, who caught the landing on video as well, Mario then proceeds to make a second jump from the top of the tower. All along, we’re treated to some great views of the stunning landscape.

King of the mountain from No Fly Zone on Vimeo.


1 thought on “Video: Double BASE Jump In Utah”

  1. It's cool to watch these videos, but man is that a dangerous sport!

    Shortest life expectancy:
    5) Coal Miner
    4) Logging worker
    3) Crab fisherman
    2) War Journalist
    1) BASE jumper

    Ok, I made this list up, but it seems pretty close to being accurate. Stay safe out there, people!

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