Video: Ultrabook Temptations

Intel is looking to spread the word about the Ultrabook laptop designs which are being built by a variety of manufacturers and feature super-thin notebooks that are both powerful and have long lasting batteries. To that end, they’ve launched a “social experiment” to see what people will go through to earn one of the computers and they’re calling this campaign Ultrabook Temptations.

One of the videos from the campaign can be found below. It was shot on Bondi Beach in Australia, where ten Ultrabooks were hidden in cases and visitors to the beach were encouraged to use a metal detector to find them. They also dropped in things like a kitchen sink or mannequin parts to throw those searching off the scent. The results were often kind of humorous. I especially liked the woman who was continually digging holes as she randomly looked for the prize.

What does this have to do with adventure? Not much exactly, but the videos are kind of charming and the Ultrabooks are fantastic for travel. I own one and love how thin and lightweight it is when I’m looking to pack as light as possible. Definitely worth a look if you’re in the market for a new PC.

Kraig Becker