Who Is Interested In Primal Quest 2013??

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Okay, I know we teased you with the possibilities of the return of Primal Quest last year and I can tell you that there were some genuine efforts made to bring the race back for the 2012 season. Unfortunately those efforts didn’t pan out as expected and as a result, the “World’s Most Challenging Human Endurance Competition” wasn’t able to return for this year.

But, the very talented and hard-working team behind the race haven’t given up in their efforts to revive the race and we are now in the early stages of planning a new PQ for 2013. I’ve just heard from race director Don Mann inquiring about my interest in returning to the event (Which is a resounding yes!) and we wanted to check in with the adventure racing community to judge the interest in a new Primal Quest race for next year.

Details remain scant at this time, but I an tell you the plans are in place to hold the event somewhere in the western U.S. once again.

So? Who is up for another PQ? Racers? Staff? Volunteers? Are you ready to go?

Kraig Becker

18 thoughts on “Who Is Interested In Primal Quest 2013??”

  1. If I could get a team together or find a team to be on, I would definitely be in for this. If not, I would love to be on staff or volunteer.

    In short, count me in!

  2. Awesome! We would love to have you in either capacity. Hopefully we'll all hear more about this exciting news very soon. 🙂

  3. You can always come to a race that is happenning, and in the Sierra Nevadas, the only ARWS qualifier, the 5 day Gold Rush Mother Lode. Its happenning Aug 8-12. Come play in 2012 at one of the most epic races you will ever take part in. http://Www.goldrsuhar.com with a chance to qualify for the World Championships in France.

  4. And that was the only ARWS qualifier on the west coast. We won this race last year, have been back 2 years in a row for the Gold Rush,and with many international teams coming, these guys put on a killer race. A must do race for your schedule. We will be there to defend our title,and hope to see you there. Will the PQ be back. They talk about it alot, but it will be VERY Hard with the race really losing momentum,and also with the ARWS really picking up speed, and great races happenning all over the world, Untamed and Gold Rush really solidifying their place as the premiere races in the United States now.

  5. Sadly Kevin, it looks like there will be no PQ in 2013, and maybe not ever. Efforts were made to bring the race back, and there was a lot of interest, but the state that we wanted to work with to host it, just wasn't prepared to move forward.

    If something changes, I will of course post new news!

  6. so sad…i kinda figured so as there was no chatter at all this past year, but didnt want to believe that PQ may never come back…

  7. You're not the only one. A lot of us, including Don, were really hoping the race would return. It was a great event with a fantastic legacy and hopefully it'll come back sometime down the road. But for now, it's definitely on the back burner. Lets stay positive and hope it will have a chance to return down the line.

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