April Fool’s Day Post: The Seven Plummets

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One of the yearly traditions at Gadling.com is our annual April Fool’s Day posts during which we tend to poke fun at the travel industry and generally not take ourselves too seriously for a day. Yesterday there were a host of great fake articles written by the talented crew on the site with some very funny stories hitting throughout the day. I particularly enjoyed the new Donner Party adventure tour for example and thought that the “Up In The Air” dating service on airlines as hilarious too.

My particular contribution to these creative endeavors is usually an attempt to skewer some aspect of the outdoor adventure community that strikes me as kind of funny. For instance, two years ago, amidst all the controversy over who would be the youngest person to scale Mt. Everest, I wrote this piece on a woman who planned to climb the mountain while pregnant, making her unborn fetus the youngest on top. I followed that up last year with the tale of one Bob “Gnarly” Goldstein, a mountain biker who planned to ride his bike to the summit as well.

This year Bob’s back with another crazy idea. After giving up on his attempt to pedal to the top of the highest mountain on the planet, he has now decided he wants to take on the Seven Plummets. That is to say, he hopes to go over the biggest waterfalls on each of the seven continents. The story is meant to be good fun and thought some of you might enjoy reading it too. I had fun writing it and it seems to have tickled the funny bone of more than one reader. I hope you enjoy it too. 🙂

Kraig Becker

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  1. He should start with Angle Falls in Venzuela, to put an end to this story right up front! hans

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