North Pole 2012: Mark Wood Completes Arctic Journey, Crashes Wedding at The Top of the World


In my North Pole update yesterday I mentioned that Mark Wood was closing in on his goal of reaching 90ºN and in the process visiting both Poles in the span of just a few months. Yesterday he completed his Arctic journey and had a surprise waiting for him at the top of the world.

In his latest dispatch Mark says that yesterday was a long and challenging final trek to the North Pole, with cold temperatures and high winds conspiring against him. The final 100-150 meters was strewn with ice boulders and rubble, giving the area an other-wordly feel, but even that didn’t prepare our intrepid explorer for the surreal scene that awaited him at 90ºN.

Mark says that when he arrived at the Pole he was surprised to find a wedding taking place complete with bride, groom, a priest and even a few guests. They welcomed and congratulated him on his big accomplishment and even shared some celebratory bubbly. Before long the wedding party was picked up by a helicopter and whisked back to Barneo, leaving Mark alone at the top of the world. He’ll most likely get picked up today and share more thoughts on his journey on his blog.

I noticed that on his website Mark now has an advertisement for an upcoming Everest Base Camp Trek that he’ll be taking part in. Travelers can join him on this trip, which will be led by Snowball Expeditions and is scheduled to take place in September. If you’ve ever wanted to visit the Himalaya and spend some time with a guy who has visited both the North and South Poles, now is your chance to do both things at the same time. Looks like a fun trip!

Kraig Becker