North Pole 2012: Parker Liautaud Returns To The Pole For Second Year in a Row

Teen-age polar explorer Parker Liautaud completed a second “last degree” journey to the North Pole earlier this week when he and his guide, Doug Stoup, arrived at 90ºN. The duo made a similar journey last year and Parker has already visited the South Pole as well. At the age of 17 he has become quite the arctic adventurer and he doesn’t appear to be slowing down yet, as he has further plans to visit the cold places of the Earth in the future.

Parker also serves as a youth ambassador to the One Young World organization as well and is active in trying to engage young people in understanding climate change and taking measure to protect the environment. Before setting off on his latest expedition he sat down with CNN and talked about his ambitions and the work he is engaged in. The video from that interview can be found below.

Kraig Becker