Site News: I’m A Traveling Man…

399px The Monastery (Al Dier), Petra

Some quick site news for regular readers. I’m off on another adventure, this time heading to Jordan for a week or so. I leave the country later today and won’t be back until April 28th. That means no updates during that time, with regular postings resuming on Monday, April 30th.

While I’m away there is likely to be quite a bit of news out of the Himalaya as the climbing teams continue to make progress on their various expeditions. For excellent news and updates be sure to drop by Alan Arnette’s Everest Blog and Explorers Web. Both sites will keep you well informed as to what is happening on the Big Hill and across the region, and I’ll be back in time to catch the first summit pushes that will begin in early May. 
While in Jordan I’ll be busy exploring the extraordinary culture and history of that country, visiting places like Petra and the amazing desert wilderness that is Wadi Rum. Of course, when I get back I’ll share all kinds of details on what I saw while I was there and I’m sure I’ll have plenty of photos (and possibly some video!) to pass along as well. 
I hope while I’m away you all have some great adventures of your own. I’ll expect full reports upon my return! 
Kraig Becker

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