Video: Ice Climbing Bridal Veil Falls in Colorado

At 111 meters (365 ft) in height, Bridal Veil Falls is one of the largest waterfalls in the state of Colorado. It is a spectacular sight year round but in the winter the falls freeze over providing some of the best ice climbing in North America.

The video below was shot back in 2009, when the falls had just re-opened to ice climbing and it gives us a glimpse of how amazing the climb up that frozen rock face can be. The video also features legendary climber Jack Roberts, who passed away after falling off Bridal Veil in January.

Jack was one of the top ice climbers in the world and had extensive experience climbing waterfalls across the globe, but BV was one of his favorites and he knew its challenges well.

Thanks to Ben Clark for sharing this video with us.

Kraig Becker