Video: Rock Climbing In Utah With Bear Grylls

We haven’t heard much from Bear Grylls since he was dropped from the Discovery Channel a few months back, but rest assured the adventurer turned television personality is probably already planning his return to the air waves. He shot the video below as part of a new video series called Masters of Movement (from Degree for Men deodorant) on a 350-foot rock face near Moab, Utah. The tower he is climbing is called Tombstone Rock and it gave Bear an opportunity to show off his climbing skills.

Kraig Becker

4 thoughts on “Video: Rock Climbing In Utah With Bear Grylls”

  1. Show of his climbing skills?

    Looks like he´s showing his lack of skills in climbing.
    Only 15m of rope, barely no traditional climbing gear, no climbing shoes….

  2. This is an incredibly inaccurate portrayal of climbing. Worse than vertical limit. Bear grylls should be ashamed of himself.

  3. Definitely not an accurate portrayal of climbing. I'm pretty sure they were going more for some cool cinematography.

    Regardless, he still summited the Tombstone Rock. I wonder if he actually just went up with no gear in the video or geared up when they finished filming. Bear is always going for the camera excitement. I'm still a big fan

    I did a post about him on my blog, check it out at

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