Video Tribute To Rob Liberman and Nick Dodov

On Tuesday, March 13 skiers Rob Liberman and Nick Dodov, along with four companions, were caught in an avalanche on Takhin Ridge near Haines, Alaska where they were preparing to make a heli-ski run in virgin snow. The two men wouldn’t survive the slide and their deaths were a shock to the outdoor adventure community which Liberman in particular was a well-known and respected personality.

The day before the tragic incident Rob, Nick and their companions were filmed on the slopes, with Liberman sharing his thoughts on the joys of fresh powder and the freedom of shredding down some of the most amazing mountains in the world. That video has been compiled into a tribute of sorts which you’ll find below.

Thanks to Ben Clark for sharing this short film which says a lot about Rob and his love for the mountains.

Kraig Becker