Everest 2012: Interview With Ueli Steck From Base Camp

Ueli Steck is one of the more talented and well known climbers in Everest Base Camp this spring and we all know that he is planning something special when he goes to the summit in a few days time. What exactly he has planned has yet to be seen, but all we know he is capable of some astounding things when the conditions are right and he sets his mind to it.

Epic TV had the opportunity to speak directly with Ueli from BC a few days ago and they posted the interview online. You’ll find it in the video below, in which they discuss his plans, how he feels physically, his thoughts on speed climbing Everest and a lot more. It’s a good report directly from the mountain with good insights on what is happening there in the calm before the storm and it gives us some insight into Ueli as well. Great stuff!

Kraig Becker