Expedition 1000: Bikecar Journey Done!

While we’re checking in with some recent adventures today, I thought I’d post an update on Dave Cornthwaite’s Expedition 1000 project. When last we heard from Dave, he was riding a crazy contraption known as a Bikecar on his way across the American south with a plan of eventually ending in Miami. The Bikecar is a heavy, unwieldily beast that wasn’t easy to pedal, but in the end, Dave was able to complete yet another leg of his journey, arriving at his destination this past weekend.

For those unfamiliar with Expedition 1000, Dave has created a goal for himself in which he’ll undertake 25 separate journeys, each 1000 miles (1609km) in length or more, that will be completed using nothing but human power. So far he’s done things like skateboard across Australia (Yes, the entire continent!) and rode a stand-up paddleboard the length of the Mississippi River. The Bikecar expedition covered exactly 1000 miles, and reading some of Dave’s updates, I’m not sure he wanted to go a single mile further.

Next up, Dave intends to swim 1000 miles down the Missouri River, which he’ll start in August. He hopes to complete that journey in 50 days and is inviting others to join him in the water. Watch his website and Facebook page for more information.

Kraig Becker