The Heroes Project: 7 Summits, 7 Warriors

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I received a note last week about an amazing organization that is helping wounded soldiers to re-connet with their lives by climbing some of the biggest mountains on the planet. The non-profit is called The Heroes Project and it works with disabled vets to assist them in overcoming their injuries and giving them renewed hope through the challenge of taking on the Seven Summits.

The organization was founded by Tim Medvetz, who many of you will probably remember from the television show Everest: Beyond The Limit. Through that show we learned that Tim had suffered a brutal motorcycle accident but that he was determined to still do extraordinary things despite the damage that had occurred to his body. In summitting Everest, Tim was able to show what was possible for those who were recovering from life altering accidents.

After returning from Everest Tim decided he wasn’t done climbing and he wanted to help others who were in a similar position that he was once in. So, he founded The Heroes Project and set about visiting the Seven Summits, taking wounded vets along with him for the climb. Currently the group is doing fundraising for a Kilimanjaro climb that is scheduled to take place next month. There, on the highest peak in Africa, they hope to once again have an overwhelmingly positive impact on the life of a soldier that has suffered wounds in combat.

The video below gives a bit more information about the organization and is a great introduction to what they do.


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