Video: Old Man River Project Part 4

The Old Man River Project, a video series that chronicles a journey from source to sea along the Mississippi River, continues with episodes 3 and 4. Both were released while I was away in Jordan, and if you’ve been watching the series so far you won’t want to miss out on these latest episodes either. The crew of the Annie, the 32-foot handmade York boat, are working hard to make progress and every three days they must stop to take on clean drinking water, They also have a knack for breaking oars, but thankfully a good samaritan comes to their aid and lends a hand with some new oars.

Episode 4 can be viewed below, and if you missed Episode 3 it can be found by clicking here. This latest episode is quite a treat for me, as the team reaches my hometown of Dubuque, IA.

Kraig Becker

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  1. Hi Kraig,
    I've been enjoying many older time lapse vides of late, and posted this morning about them, while making sure to reference your site where you have shared such wonders with us.

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