Wide World Talks Expeditions With Belinda Kirk Of Explorers Connect


Explorers Connect is a website designed to create a community for adventurers. It is a social network of sorts that allows like-minded individuals to share ideas, discuss logistics, find teammates, (or jobs!) and ย more. Membership is free and comes with a number of benefits, including the ability to stay current on adventure news, network with experts and professionals, and swap stories of your own adventures.

The site was founded by British adventurer Belinda Kirk back in 2009 and has established itself as an active and informative community. Kirk, who is a professional expedition leader and filmmaker herself, recently sat down with our friends over at WideWorld to share some thoughts on EC and the world of adventure as a whole.

In the interview, Belinda talks about how she got her start in the adventure industry, which she is a veteran of at the age of just 35. She also discusses ways to approach getting an expedition funded and her vision for Explorers Connect. She says the site is all about making expeditions and adventure for inclusive and accessible.ย In 2010 Kirk spent 51 days at sea as part of the first all-female crew to circumnavigate the U.K. in a rowboat. She shares the highs and lows from that expedition as well, including nearly getting run over by a large Russian tanker in the middle of the night.

You can read the full interview by clicking here and if youโ€™re interested in joining Explorers Connect, you can find out more about the site here.

Kraig Becker