7 Rivers, 7 Continents Project Update

7 rivers 2012

It has been a long time since I mentioned the 7 Rivers 7 Continents Project. In fact, I haven’t mentioned it much since it was first announced back in August of 2010. The idea is for adventurer Mark Kalch to paddle the length of the longest river on each of the seven continents, including the Nile (Africa), Yangtze (Asia), and Volga (Europe). Mark finished the Amazon back in 2008 and is now preparing for the second leg of the journey, kayaking the length of the Missouri-Mississippi River.

According to his latest updates, Kalch is currently in Bozeman, Montana where he is surveying the confluence of the Jefferson, Gallatin and Madison Rivers, all of which come together to form the Missouri. He’ll soon drop his boat into those waters and start paddling south-east on his way to St. Louis, where the Missouri and Mississippi meet. From there, he’ll continue the journey all the way to the Gulf of Mexico, covering some 4000 miles (6437km) in the process.

Throughout the summer Mark will be posting dispatches from his journey, which should definitely prove to be an interesting one. He is starting the adventure on the Jefferson River, a couple of hundred miles above the start of the Missouri and will continue until he reaches New Oreleans. Along the way he’s likely to see parts of America that few people ever experience. It should be quite the expedition and we can follow along on the 7 Rivers 7 Continents website.

Good luck to Mark as he sets off on this epic voyage.

Kraig Becker