Adventure Tech: Sony Releasing Action Camera


Looks like GoPro and Contou  are about to have some new competition in the action/helmet cam market. Yesterday Sony gave us the first look at their entry into that space, which features image stabilization technology, an ultra-wide angle Carl Zeiss lens and rugged build construction designed to take punishment in the field.

Aside from that, not much else is known about the device at the moment. Sony has said that it will offer  waterproof and ruggedized housings for the camera, which doesn’t even have a name yet. They were a bit light on the technical specs, simply saying that it will offer “super high-quality video,” which I’m assuming translates into 1080p HD. Price and release date remain a mystery as well, although it is being shown off at a major camera conference in New York this week.

Sony’s entry into the action cam market shows how big that market actually has come. A few years ago these types of cameras were mostly a novelty, shooting blurry video of our adventures. Now they’ve matured greatly and they not only have great image quality but a host of other technology that has made them much more useful. GoPro and the other action cam companies have been doing some amazing things in their recent iterations, and Sony is going to have to come strong if they want to break into this space.

Still, it is always great to have another option, particularly when it comes form a big company with an established track record. Looking forward to checking this out myself.

Kraig Becker