Another Pacific Rower Needs Assistance From Japanese Coast Guard

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Yesterday I posted an update on Sarah Outen, who was hit by a tropical storm while rowing across the Pacific Ocean. Turns out Sarah isn’t the only one hit by that storm and she isn’t the only one who needed the Japanese Coast Guard to come to their aid.

British solo rower Charlie Martell has also been attempting to row across the Pacific this spring and he was also forced to activated his emergency distress beacon yesterday. Charlie’s boat,  Blossom, was rolled multiple times by high winds and turbulent seas brought on by tropical storm Mawar, resulting in damage to the vessel. The extend of that damage remains unknown at this time although it was clearly enough to cause Martell to pull the plug on his journey – at least for now.

Charlie was attempting his crossing at an effort to raise funds for two charities – Toe in the Water and Give Them A Sporting Chance. The former is an organization that helps injured servicemen to get involved with competitive sailing, while the latter works with the disabled to allow them to pursue their recreational sporting dreams to come true.

As of this writing, Charlie is still waiting for the Coast Guard to come pick him up, although a search plane has made contact with him. Meanwhile, the latest news from Sarah’s blog indicates that she is now safe and sound aboard a rescue ship and on her way back to Japan.

Kraig Becker

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