Belgian Adventurer Completes Poland Trek

IMG 2648

Back in May I posted a couple of updates on the Poland Trek, a 1200 km (745 mile) journey undertaken by Belgian adventurer Louis-Philippe Loncke. The expedition, which began with a climb up Mount Rysy, the tallest peak in Poland and finished on the Baltic Sea, which Loncke reached at the beginning of June after traveling on foot and kayak across the length of the country.

When last we checked in with Lou-Phi he was reporting that the weather was good but water levels on the rivers were low. That changed dramatically near the end of the expedition however, as the sunny, relatively warm and dry weather came to an end with torrential rainfalls making the final three days a rather cold and wet paddle to the Baltic.

The weather wasn’t the only obstacle to overcome on his way to the finish line. Loncke says that as he neared the coast there were a number of close calls with man-made obstacles that made it a challenge as well. While in the more remote regions of Poland he enjoyed relative solitude, but as he reached populated areas, boat and barge traffic increased, causing more than a few close calls. At one point he was nearly run down by a barge that had no idea he was there and a close encounter with an unexpected cable in the water nearly left him cut in two.

Fortunately he did survive the journey and is now at home planning his next escape. Much of the Poland Trek was documented on video however, so expect to see plenty of footage from the expedition down the line.

Congrats to Lou-Phi for wrapping up another successful expedition.

Kraig Becker