Gear Closet: Icebreaker LS Tech T Lite

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It is simply amazing how the gear we carry with us on our adventures can have an impact on our enjoyment of those experiences. Visiting destinations that are either very warm or very cold can be incredibly rewarding or complete misery, depending on whether or not you have the right gear. This is especially true when it comes to the clothes we wear, which ultimately decide how comfortable we are when traveling.

Lucky for us we now live in an age when our outdoor and travel apparel is simply the best it has ever been. We now have great fitting, lightweight clothing that is breathable and moisture wicking, all of which helps to keep us more than comfortable while on the go. I was reminded of this fact recently while testing the new LS Tech T Lite from Icebreaker, a company that continues to make fantastic clothing for a variety of activities. 
For those of you who haven’t had the good fortune of using Icebreaker gear just yet, you’ll definitely want to put them on your radar. The company uses soft merino wool from New Zealand to make shirts, pants, jackets and a variety of other clothing that is designed for hiking, cycling, climbing and travel. Their clothes are good looking, stylish and very comfortable and the Tech T does nothing but enhance that reputation. 
The long-sleeve Tech T is surprisingly lightweight and extremely versatile. The shirt is breathable enough to comfortably wear in warm weather climes, particularly when you’re looking to avoid too much exposure to the sun. Alternatively, it makes a fantastic base layer in cool weather as well, adding warm to any layering system. Much of this versatility is due to the merino wool, which naturally excels in a variety of conditions. 
The ability to stay warm or cool as necessary isn’t the only trick the Tech T has up its sleeves. Merino wool also happens to have some natural anti-bacterial qualities as well, which means the shirt can resist odors for extended periods of time. In fact, Icebreaker marketing uses the tagline of “Two Weeks. One Shirt. No Stink.” I haven’t personally had the chance to test the shirt under those conditions, but I can report that I have worn it in a variety of conditions, sweated all over it multiple times, and it has indeed stayed odor free. This is of course great news for backpackers and travelers on extended journeys who like to travel light. Throw one or two of these shirts in your pack and you’re good for quite a long time. 
As someone who travels on a regular basis and tries hard to pack as light as possible, I absolutely love this shirt. It is so comfortable that I even wear it while out and about at home. Icebreaker sells the LS Tech T Lite for just $80, which I feel is a bargain for something of this quality. They even have a short sleeve version for $65 for those that prefer that design too. Either way, I think you’ll be as impressed as I am and fell that either is a fantastic edition to your Gear Closet. 
Kraig Becker