The Girls Get In On The Fun, Set New Speed Record On The Nose Too!

800px El Capitan 2009

The boys aren’t the only ones having fun in Yosemite this summer. Earlier in the week we received the news that Alex Honnold and Hans Florine broke the speed record for The Nose on El Capitan, and now another record has fallen, this time for the ladies. is reporting that Quinn Brett and Jes Meiris scaled the iconic route on June 11 in 10 hours, 19 minutes. Thats a full 21 minutes faster than the previous record which was set last fall by Libby Sauter and Chantal Astorga. Brett and Meiris launched their climbing collaboration while working together at SOS Outreach, an organization that seeks to mold young people through outdoor adventure. The ladies hope to inspire others, particularly youth, through their efforts.

Congrats to Quinn and Jes on an amazing climb. Well done!

And a tip o’ the hat to The Goat for sharing this story.

Kraig Becker