Kayaker Prepares For Solo Pacific Expedition

Explorer Wave Vidmar is preparing to embark on another epic adventure. The man who has years of sailing experience and has made a solo journey to the North Pole, will soon set off on a long distance paddling expedition that will see him journey from California to Hawaii in a kayak.

Dubbed the 2012 Seaward Pacific Ocean Expedition, Vidmar intends to paddle his specially designed and built Seaward Kayak 3000 nautical miles across open ocean. Along the way he intends to document the journey on video while conducting research on marine wildlife, the effects of a prolonged paddling expedition on his body, the use of technology in the field and more.

The plan is to set out from Monterey in California and work his way west to Maui in Hawaii. When he’ll set off isn’t exactly clear, but according to PR from Seaward it should be any day now. I also haven’t been successful in finding an official website for the expedition, but updates are being posted at the Seaward Kayak Facebook page.

Wave, who seems aptly named for aquatic adventures, says that he thinks it should take him about 50 days to reach Hawaii. That’s a lot of time in the cockpit of a kayak. Good luck!

Kraig Becker

8 thoughts on “Kayaker Prepares For Solo Pacific Expedition”

  1. What, no love given to Ed Gillet? Who did this same trip California(Monterey) to Hawaii in 63 days back in 1987 with a stock Tofino double kayak. No sponsors, no tv coverage, no GPS/laptop/cell-phone. Just a Sextant and calculator for navigation. Give some love to the old school guys!

  2. Hi Todd,

    actually much consideration has been given to Ed Gillet & his achievement by both Wave & Seaward.

    Ed's name has been mentioned in all interviews & referenced in press releases. He was invited by Seaward to participate on whatever level he chose. Wave also contacted him & part of his intent is to honour his achievment.

    Unfortunately we have no control over editors & their cuts!

    Nick Horscroft
    Seaward Kayaks

  3. Awesome that Ed Gillet is involved!!
    Read his story years ago(pre internet days) and always wondered: How exactly did he( and will Wave Vidmar) sleep? Removed the bulkheads in the double kayak? How does it not tip over while sleeping?

  4. To Nick, Wave
    This is just great and seriously, I read Ed Gillet's story. Everest is 10 times easier than this, euh no, 100 times easier. Hard to compare, but what about something done over 6000 times with 5000 guided, versus no new attempt in 25 years ? And compared to the cost.

    I just want to congratulate warmly Seaward Kayaks to support Wave. I want to see more surprising adventures like this, bold and passioned.

  5. Todd: I can confirm that Seaward Kayaks give a nod to Ed in their press release but it is not part of the body of the story. Instead it is a passing mention in the information about the company itself.

    I'll be sure to give him a mention on any follow-up stories.

  6. Whats and awesome adventure.
    Good luck and fair weather to you Wave!!


  7. Thank you for all the positive comments & good wishes, much appreciated by the team.

    Wave will launch this Sun, 1st July from Horseshoe Cove in Sausalito, right under the Golden Gate Bridge – time tbd. Please feel free to see Wave off!

    Both the Seaward Kayaks website & http://www.pacifickayaker.com will host live tracking which will go online next week.

    As I previously mentioned, efforts were made by Seaward & Wave to contact Ed Gillet, who remains a very private individual. We respect this & Ed's immense achievement. We have referenced him in all our interviews to the media.

    Nick Horscroft
    Seaward Kayaks

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