Video: World Record Base Jump In The Himalaya

Base jumper Valery Rozov spent a month in the Indian Himalaya preparing for a climb up the 6543 meter (21,466 ft) Mt. Shivling. It took him six days to complete the ascent, but just 90 seconds to return to the base. While at the summit, Rozov stepped out of his climbing gear, donned his wingsuit and took flight. A minute and a half later he was on the ground, but his climbing partners would require another three days to get back down.

Rozov, who is well known for his dramatic and daring Base Jumps, set a new world’s record for the highest altitude jump on this expedition.

Kraig Becker

4 thoughts on “Video: World Record Base Jump In The Himalaya”

  1. I am confused; what record did he just set? Is it the highest altitude basejump? Is it the longest descent time on a basejump? Is it the longest basejump wingsuit flight?

  2. It was for the highest altitude Base Jump. I'll make a note in the post so that is clear. Thanks!

  3. Real world record is 6604m, put up in 2006 by Glenn Singleman and Heather Swan, who jumped from Mount Meru in India

  4. These stunts seem like a bit of a raw deal for the teammates, who get to carry gear down the hard way while the BASE jumper's chilling in basecamp!

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