What Is The Strange Object At The Bottom Of The Baltic Sea?

Last year a group of Swedish ocean explorers discovered a strange disc shaped object at the bottom of the Baltic Sea. The came across the object while making routine sonar sweeps of the water in hopes of finding sunken ships to salvage. At the time, they were unsure of what it was, so they planned to return to the site this summer to check it out first hand. After doing so, they are still unsure of what it is they’ve  found.

The object is said to be 18 meters (60 feet) around and rises like a mushroom head 3-4 meters (10-13 feet) above the seabed. It also sits at the end of a 985-foot long path of flattened seabed that gives the impression that the object landed at the bottom of the Baltic Sea after falling from above.

The divers say that they expected it to be a giant stone of some type, but that isn’t what they found exactly. They discovered what they describe as an egg-shaped opening in the top and a strange stone circle formations around it that resemble small fireplaces. They’ve ruled out unusual volcanic activity mainly because there has never been any indications of such activity in the region.

One of the members of the team said it was the strangest thing that he’d ever experienced as a professional diver. Another said that he’d never seen anything like it in over 6000 dives. What is it exactly? Who knows, but you can take a look at it in a video over at Gizmodo. To me it appears to be a massive rock of some kind, although it is unnaturally smooth. Perhaps a meteorite that managed to survive entry into Earth’s atmosphere and then rapidly cooled in the waters of the Baltic.

What ever it is, I think we all know who the right man for the job is. Someone get James Cameron on the phone stat!


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