Build A Triathlon Package For Under $1000

800px Tri swim bike run

A lot of runners and cyclists toy with the idea of trying a triathlon but are often daunted not only be the training regimen but also the expense in putting together all the gear that they need. After all, buying a bike, wetsuit, running shoes and all of the other equipment can get a little costly. But tech website Gizmodo (of all places!) had launched a new feature called The Outfit in which they’ll show us how to put together complete packages of gear without killing our wallets. Their first installment takes a look at the tri package.

Gizmodo recommends some very good, yet affordable, gear in their article. For example, they suggest the Pearl Izumi Tri Suit as your “base layer” for the race. The suit costs just $100, which is indeed reasonable for a high quality athletic garment like this one. If you go cut-rate with your clothes, you can live to regret it as no one wants to be uncomfortable in the middle of a race. They also go on to suggest a wetsuit, googles, bike helmet water bottles and more.

The area that they recommend saving the most cash on is the bike, but in order to do that Gizmodo suggests going the Craig’s List route. They budgeted $400, which is the only way this list comes in under $1000 total. I’m not sure how much luck you’ll have finding a quality bike on CL and this is one area where your mileage will certainly vary.

All in all though, this is a solid piece on how to get into triathlons without killing your budget. If you’re just starting off in the sport, this gear will do you just fine.

Kraig Becker