Final Winner In Grape-Nuts/USA Cycling Gear Giveaway

20120111 grapenuts

Last Friday I randomly selected the third and final winner in the cycling gear giveaway that I’ve been running over the past few weeks. Congratulations to Bethany Aquilina of Washington, D.C. for winning the package. We’ll get the gear out to you as soon as possible Bethany.

I want to thank everyone for entering the contest. Reading everyone’s answers to the various questions I asked were quite interesting, particularly the list of all time favorite cyclists. Lance Armstrong had a loyal following of course, but there were plenty of other great choices as well.

Also, one final word of thanks to Grape-Nuts and USA Cycling for sponsoring the contest. Without their support I wouldn’t have had all of the great gear to share with the winners. Let them know that you appreciate their support as well by dropping by the Grape-Nuts Facebook page and hitting the “Like” button.

Stay tuned for some more great gear giveaways in the near future.

Kraig Becker