Pakistan 2012: Mazeno Team Finds Success On Nanga Parbat!

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Not a lot has changed since I posted my last climbing update on Monday. Most of the teams remain in holding patterns as they prepare for summit bids once the weather permits. But there is big news from Nanga Parbat (8126m/26,660 ft) today as the team of Sandy Allan, Rick Allen and Cathy O’Dowd have reportedly topped out along the very though Mazeno Ridge.

The team actually set out for the summit ten days ago as their route was a long and difficult one that no one has ever completed before. Their test of endurance included conquering the longest ridge of any 8000 meter peak and passing over eight sub-summits of 7000 meters (22,965 ft) or higher. The weather wasn’t all that cooperative either as high winds and deep, powdery snow only added to the challenge.

The details of that climb aren’t known as of yet. After leaving Base Camp last week, the team has mostly been out of communication, although they have managed to occasionally post an update via Twitter. This morning they posted the following message: “Summit! NP climbed via Mazeno ridge for 1sttime. We did it!!”

Congratulations to Sandy, Rick and Cathy on a job well done. Now get back down the mountain in one piece. You’re not completely done yet.

Elsewhere, the Field Touring Alpine squad has established Camp 3 at 7100 meters (23,294 ft) on Broad Peak and most of the team is acclimatizing there today. With that rotation done, they will most likely return to BC tomorrow, spend a few days resting and stat plotting their attempt at the summit as well. Depending on weather, that could come sometime next week.

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