Video: Inspiration For The Weekend From The Arctic Row Team

On July 15, the four-man crew of the Arctic Row 2012 Team will set off on their attempt to row non-stop across the Arctic ocean from Inuvik, Canada to Provideniya, Russia, a journey that has never been made before. It’ll certainly be an epic challenge and as a way of inspiring us all, they created the video below, which serves as a good reminder that many times the only thing that is stopping us from achieving what we want ourselves. Perfect inspiration for the start of a weekend.

There’s A Reason It Hasn’t Been Done from Scott Mortensen on Vimeo.

Kraig Becker

2 thoughts on “Video: Inspiration For The Weekend From The Arctic Row Team”

  1. I've watched this a few times now Kraig, and very much enjoy the many messages within…

  2. Great film! The CORDURA® brand is proud to sponsor this amazing team. Counting down the days until the journey begins!
    Tina Ingle
    CORDURA(R) Brand
    Account Manager

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