Arctic Row Update: Finally Rowing Again!


The last time we checked in with the Arctic Row team they were waiting out a storm in a relatively calm inlet on the Arctic Ocean. At that point, the four member crew was preparing to get back underway, after having just passed their half-way point. Forward progress didn’t last very long however, as another storm blew into the area a few days later and as a result the boys have not advanced nearly as far as they would have liked.

The Arctic Row actually began on back on July 17 with the plan of rowing from Inuvik, Canada to Provideniya, Russia, a distance of 2100km (1300 miles). They had originally estimated that it would take approximately 30 days to complete the journey, but as it stands right now they’re hoping to reach Point Hope, Alaska sometime today. That’s a good milestone for the crew, but it also means they have a lot more miles to row before they reach their destination.

To make matters worse, the boat’s water-maker, a device used by ocean rowers to desalinate ocean water and make it drinkable, is causing them problems. Their latest update indicates that it is they do have a second water-maker, although it is a hand-pump model which can work as a back-up should the primary unit fail completely.

The big question now is is the boat stocked with enough food and supplies for the row to continue all the way to Russia. They’ve already shot past their 30 day window and are now on borrowed time. It would be one thing if they were just a few days away from the finish line, but they are potentially facing a couple of more weeks out on the water. If another major storm pops up, and the storms this season have been horrible, they could find themselves in a nasty situation. Worse yet, they will soon leave land behind completely and set out to open sea.

Stay tuned!

Kraig Becker