Buy And Sell Surplus Expedition Gear With Ice Warrior

Now here’s a post that I’m sure will be of interest to more than a few readers. The team over at has come up with a great way to find new homes for old or unused expedition gear. They’re launching a new service via their Twitter account in which they’ll be listing any gear that they have for sale on the 15th of each month. Better yet, they’re allowing others to list their gear as well.

You’ll find more details about this option for finding new or selling your old gear by clicking here. The page also allows you to submit your email address to receive the gear listings directly in your inbox as well. This is particularly helpful for those who aren’t on Twitter or can’t always follow the feed that closely.

Additionally, the Ice Warrior crew has also created a form that allows you to advertise any extra gear you may want to unload as well. You’ll find that page by clicking here. The form asks for a brief description of the item, whether or not it is new or used, the size and quantity available and how much you want to sell it for.

This seems like a great way for adventure professionals to connect with one another and not only find good deals on gear that they can use but also possibly unload some of the equipment they no longer need. If you’re a guide, expedition leader or adventurer you’ll definitely want to subscribe to the list. Who knows what kind of bargains you’ll find!

Kraig Becker