EpicTV Interviews Sandy Allan On Mazeno Ridge Expedition

One of the major expeditions that we followed this summer was the Mazeno Ridge team that successfully climbed Nanga Parbat along an epic route that covered 13km (8 miles) and crossed over 8 other 7000-meter summits on the way to the top. It had never been done before and the summit push was a marathon lasting 13 days, but eventually two men – Sandy Allan and Rick Allen – managed to top out.

In the video below EpicTV conducts a great post-climb debrief with Sandy in which they talk about the particulars of the climb including the very difficult final ascent and descent, which was done with very little food or fuel. The interview is 40 minutes in length, so get comfortable, and includes details about the expedition that we haven’t heard up until now.

Sandy Allan’s Harrowing 2012 Mazeno Ridge Expedition Debrief – Full Interview from EpicTVAdventure on Vimeo.

Kraig Becker