Video: Searching For West – The Most Beautiful Hunting Film You’ll Ever See

I rarely write about hunting in any way on this blog, mostly because it isn’t something that I personally do. I grew up in the woods with a father and older brother who both still love to hunt, but it was never an activity that struck a chord with me. I simply enjoyed being outside. But I respect hunters greatly and recognize that as a group they often do more for conservation and protection of lands than anyone else. Like the rest of us, they share a common bond of a love for the outdoors.

A new short film, entitled Searching for West, hammers this point home. It follows hunter Mark Seacat as he goes out into the wild in search of his goals, namely bagging a big bull elk. Listening to Mark narrate the film I was struck by how much he sounded like some of the other outdoor athletes we follow here on the Adventure Blog. Mountaineers, polar explorers and endurance runners who endure sometimes difficult conditions as they go after their personal trophies. Like so many of those men and women, Mark questions what he is missing at home while he pursues those goals.

This is an incredibly well done and beautiful film that I think you’ll find fascinating to watch even if you’re not a hunter yourself. The scenery is spectacular, the story is compelling and the technical aspects of the film are top notch. It’s about 25 minutes in length, and if you have the ability to watch it on an HDTV that’s what I’d recommend. Otherwise, kick back in your chair set the video to full screen and enjoy.

Searching for West from Helio Collective on Vimeo.

Kraig Becker