Video: Trailer For Mile… Mile & A Half

For many hikers and backpackers the John Muir Trail is the quintessential hiking trail in all of North America. The 210-mile long route that stretches between Yosemite in the north and Mt. Whitney in the south is widely considered to be amongst the best hikes in the entire world.

Last year a group of friends made that hike and filmed their experiences along the way. They are now preparing to release a documentary of their adventure entitled Mile… Mile& A Half. The trailer for this beautiful looking film can be found below and quite simply it looks like a visual love letter to the JMT.

The team behind the film is still looking for some funding to help complete the project and get it out to some of the big upcoming adventure film festivals. With that in mind, they’ve launched a Kickstarter page to help them raise the funds they need. With just over a month to go, they’re still hoping to pull in about $37,000. Take a look at the trailer and see if you think this is a project worth funding. (Pssst…It is!)

Kraig Becker

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