Brazil 9000 Expedition Update: Ready To Go!

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Back in July I posted about the Brazil 9000 Expedition which will see adventurers/filmmakers Aaron Chervenak and Gareth Jones attempt to cover more than 9000km (5592 miles) across the wild and remote places of Brazil. At the time, the boys were still in the final planning stages leading up to the start of their journey, but now they’re off to South America and preparing to embark.

The expedition will begin on the mountain of Monte Cabural, which falls on the border of Brazil and Guyana. They’ll first begin traveling south by canoe through the Amazon before eventually transitioning to foot in the Caatinga Forests, covering thousands of miles along the way. Finally, they’ll finish up their epic adventure by riding their bikes along the Brazilian coastline, eventually ending in the town of Chul on the border with Uruguay.

Aaron and Gareth are currently in Brazil and intend to get started soon. Once they do, they’ll be posting updates to their Facebook page and Twitter account to keep us all informed of their progress. Before they left, they made a beautiful short film called Leaving Los Angeles that introduces us to their adventure and shares why they’re so drawn to the culture and history of Brazil. You’ll find it below.

Brazil 9000: Leaving Los Angeles from The Skeeto Lounge on Vimeo.

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