Checkpoint Tracker Adventure Racing Championship Begins Tomorrow

If you’re looking to get your adventure racing fix this weekend, look no further than the Checkpoint Tracker AR Championship, which takes place in Oak Hill, West Virginia starting Saturday. The event, which caps a full season of racing in North America, will pit some of the best teams from across the U.S. against one another on a 100+ mile (160+ km) course that is expected to take up to 30 hours to complete.

In addition to the usual trail running, mountain biking and kayaking sections, the race will also feature whitewater rafting, river boarding and an orienteering course. Participants will be competing as solo racers or on teams of two or four depending on the make-up of their squad, with all-male, all-female and coed teams scheduled to race. They’ll all take to the starting line tomorrow at 10:30 AM local time and race through until the official cut-off at 2:30 PM Saturday afternoon.

The entire event will take place inside the beautiful Gauley River National Recreation Area, which is well known for its Class V+ paddling, deep gorges and remote wilderness. It should be a spectacular time to be there as the autumn leaves begin to change and the cooler air of the season moves in. Hopefully the teams will be able to take a little time to enjoy the scenery as the fly past it during the race.

Good luck to everyone this weekend. Race hard and be safe!

Kraig Becker

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