Gear Closet: Pelican 1065 HardBack iPad Case

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Over the past couple of years the iPad has become the one piece of technology that I can’t leave home without. When I travel it is my portable communications and entertainment system, providing movies, music, books, magazines, games and more. It is my lightweight, portable workstation, as well as a photo and video editing machine. In short, it is quite possibly the most important item I take with me on the road.

While Apple’s tablet is a solid, well built device, there are times when I can’t help but wonder if it’s a good idea to take it to the far ends of the Earth. Since it’s release in the spring of 2010, I’ve taken my iPad to Everest Base Camp, deep into the African Bush, and to the remote Atacama Desert, just to name a few. To help protect my favorite gadget, I’ve used several different cases to help keep my iPad safe. Each of them has brought a measure of security to the table, but none have been as rugged and secure as the new 1065 HardBack Case from Pelican.

Designed specifically to accommodate most 10″ tablets, the 1065 HardBack is like having an impenetrable shell to keep your gadget safe and sound even under the most extreme conditions. The case is crush-proof, water resistant up to 3 feet in depth and features automatic pressure equalization to keep the contents safe at any altitude. The thick, durable plastic housing provides a great sense of security no matter where you’re traveling.

The HardBack isn’t just tough on the outside however as the interior provides plenty of protection as well. A foam liner keeps the all important screen safe and sound, while a water proof gasket seals the interior from not only water but excess dust too. A rugged, yet easy to open, latch locks tight and remains firmly closed even while taking plenty of abuse.

Using Pelican’s hard case is akin to having luggage specifically designed to protect your iPad. It is a the perfect product for those who need to carry their tablet with them into the backcountry and wrapped in this rugged armor, they can rest assured that there device will be well taken care of. It comes with Pelican’s lifetime guarantee and with an MSRP of $49 it is a bit on the high end of iPad cases but considering the level of protection it provides, the cost is actually quite affordable.

The only knock I have on the HardBack is that it is a bit on the heavy side. Weighing in at 1.25 pounds (567 grams) this case isn’t exactly a featherweight. Those looking to travel light may pass on Pelican’s protective armor in favor of something that is a bit leaner, although they’ll almost certainly be giving up some measure of protection. But if you value your iPad the way I do, and you need it with you when you travel, the extra weight is worth it.

Kraig Becker

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  1. Wow, this thing looks like exactly what I need for bike commuting, backpacking and touring. Where would you suggest I look for one? Amazon, ebay?


  2. That is a wicked case! I do not think that even in all these crazy cases, I would risk taking my device anywhere where it could get damaged. I guess it is a little sad that my needs for iPad cases is limited to keeping fingerprints off it and falls from the coffee table while yours is up at the Everest base camp!

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