Heading To ATMEX In Veracruz, Mexico

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It’s a short week for updates on the Adventure Blog as I’m headed to Veracruze, Mexico today to attend the ATMEX Conference. Over the next few days the focus will be completely on adventure travel in Mexico, which has a lot to offer outdoor enthusiasts. The country has fantastic mountain biking, sea kayaking, climbing, whitewater rafting and more and the conference is designed to help tour operators connect with travelers and market their options more fully.

I’m honored to be taking part in a couple of panel discussions at the conference mostly focused on blogging and how tour operators can work with the online community to get the word out on what they have to offer. I, and my fellow panelists, will be speaking about how we work with various brands in the travel industry and how online travel writers and those brands can work together to promote their destinations. It should prove to be a fun and interesting experience and I’m so happy that the Adventure Travel Trade Association asked me to be a part of the event. If you happen to be attending as well, be sure to track me down and say hello.

I’m not sure what kind of Internet access I’ll have while I’m away. If I have a reliable connection I’ll try to post some updates. Otherwise we’ll be back to the usual routine next Monday. While I’m away, everyone have a great few days and be sure to get outside and enjoy some adventures of your own.

Kraig Becker

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  1. Yeah! Nothing beats going out and enjoying the different sights this life has to offer. Mexico rocks! On of the most beautiful places with beautiful people in this world. 🙂

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