Team Seagate Wins Adventure Racing World Championships

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The more things change in the world of adventure racing, the more they stay the same. A decade ago a team called Seagate, led by Kiwi captain Nathan Fa’avae, dominated the sport, earning multiple world championships. With a premature retirement behind Fa’avae and a new Team Seagate are back at the top of the rankings, winning the 2012 AR World Championship at the Raid in France last week.

Fa’avae was joined by teammates Chris Forne, Sophie Hart and Trevor Voyce in claiming victory on a course that featured some of the most rugged and beautiful backcountry in all of Europe. The course featured high altitude treks, plenty of climbing, challenging mountain biking and good paddling sections. It all made for a fantastic experience for the new champs and the other teams involved.

Seagate managed to complete the course in a total time of 125 hours, 40 minutes. For those new to the sport of adventure racing, that means the competed for more than five days straight, taking only brief rests here and their. They managed to outlast defending champs Thule Adventure Team, who claimed second place with a time of 129 hours, 17 minutes. Team Silva claimed third place with a total time of 130 hours, 8 minutes. Many of the other teams were still coming across the finish line over the weekend, several days behind the winners.

That’ll wrap up another great season for the AR World Series. There are still a few good races to come this year, but already teams are starting to look forward to competing in 2013, when the world championship will be held in Costa Rica.

Congratulations to the new champs and to everyone who competed in this great event.

Kraig Becker