Tyler Hamilton Talks About Lance Armstrong, His New Book and Doping With NBC

The Secret Race, the new book from former pro-cyclist Tyler Hamilton, was released today and in it he talks about his career and how he personally used performance enhancing drugs and other methods to help him compete. He also talks about his time riding for the legendary U.S. Postal team, led by Lance Armstrong. Hamilton alleges that Armstrong and the entire U.S. Postal squad were using EPO and other banned substance to win major events like the Tour de France.

None of this is really all that new of course. Hamilton has been discussing Armstrong and doping for some time. But the book, which I haven’t read yet, supposedly goes into great detail about the system that cyclists use to stay one step ahead of the drug testers and continue to compete in the sport without getting caught. The book blows the lid off a culture that is prevalent in cycling that for a time made it okay to use PED’s because it was what everyone was doing. What Hamilton and co-author Daniel Coyle detail in the book caused Outside magazine to proclaim that is now “impossible to believe Lance’s story anymore.

Earlier today, Hamilton and Coyle sat down with Matt Lauer on NBC’s Today Show and spoke about the book, doping and Lance Armstrong. The video of that interview is below.

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Kraig Becker