Video: EpicTV Interviews Ueli Steck On Climbing And Paragliding The Alps

A couple of weeks back I posted a story about Ueli Steck’s latest adventure in which he climbed three peaks in the Alps and paraglided off of them in the same day. On August 18, the Swiss climber first went up the Jungfrau, glided over to the Monch, summited and the flew to the Eiger.

After a quick ascent of that classic peak, he then descended by paraglader and was home for dinner later that day. The whole expedition took in the neighborhood of 14 hours to complete, which sounds like quite the epic day.

Now, our friends over at EpicTV have posted an interview with Ueli in which he goes into detail about this little project. Steck talks about the conditions necessary for this type of endeavor, saying the weather needs to not only be good for climbing but flying as well, which adds another dimension to this challenge.

Listening to Ueli is always interesting, in part he comes across like he doesn’t even know that he is Superman. He’s quite nonchalant about his accomplishments and that is no different here. I also happen to love his “just do it” attitude and creativity in the mountains.

Another great interview from EpicTV. Keep up the great work guys!

Kraig Becker

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  1. Many of us cannot climb in this way, but we each can often find within such adventure efforts, the very reasons for why we do what we do out there…
    Ueli is an inspiration!

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