Video: Top 6 Finalists For 2012 Short Paddling Film Of the Year

Don’t you just hate when you watch movie award shows where they give you a glimpse of the nominees but then you have to go track them down yourself if you actually want to see them? That isn’t the case with Kayak Session Magazine‘s  best short films of 2012 competition. Not only have they narrowed down their selection from 51 movies to just six, they’ve also compiled them into one single 30 minute film for us to enjoy. Check out all of the nominees in the video below, some of which you may remember from being posted here on the blog in weeks past.

The short films that earned a nomination include the following: Congo, The Grand Inga Project (Steve Fisher); Black Canyon, The Next Generation (Cloud Level Media); Best of Bomb Flow (Evan Garcia & Fred Norquist); Breathless in Chile (Nigel Markey & Sam Markman); The Royal Flush (Evan Garcia) and Unknown: Aniol Serrasolses (Tino Specht).

2012 Short Film Of The Year Awards – The Final Cut (Top 6 finalists) from Kayak TV (Kayak Session Mag) on Vimeo.

Kraig Becker

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