Video: Viva Patagonia

Patagonia is one of the most strikingly beautiful and wild places on our planet. Tucked away at the southernmost end of South America, its very name inspires thoughts of adventure. It also happens to be a destination that is perfect for climbers looking for new challenges. That’s exactly what Cheyne Lempe and Scott Bennett were hoping for when they traveled there earlier this year with the hope of scaling the massive 2000 meter (6561 ft) North West Ridge of Aguja Mermoz into The North Pillar of Cerro Fitz Roy. The video below captures some of their experiences on that climb, which was a harrowing one for a number of reasons.

Thanks to Alpinist for sharing this.

Viva Patagonia – First Ascent from Cheyne Lempe on Vimeo.

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