Wenger North America Launches Blog


Gear company Wenger, the makers of all those great Swiss Army Knives, not to mention some sweet watches, and a variety of excellent outdoor and travel gear, launched the new blog for its North American website last week. In addition to keeping readers up to date on new products and other happenings at Wenger HQ, the blog will also be updated regularly with outdoor and adventure news from a host of writers, including yours truly.

Fresh content is already flowing onto the site including a great piece on learning to camp by playing the Oregon Trail and an informative piece on making drinkable water while in the backcountry. There is also a good post on what outdoor enthusiasts should know about land and water conservation and I’ve already contributed a piece on West Hansen’s Amazon Express expedition.

I’m fortunate to have been included with a great group of outdoor adventurers who also happen to be very good writers. I think the blog should be a lot of fun to read and will have lots of interesting stories that will be posted on a daily basis. If you’re looking for a new site to help with your adventure fix, the new Wenger Blog looks like it’ll help fill that role nicely. Go ahead and bookmark it now!

Kraig Becker