Gear Closet: Cannondale Quick Backpack

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I am fortunate enough to have a lot of outdoor gear come cross my desk. Everything from the latest hiking boots, sleeping bags and tents to outdoor clothing, electronic gadgets and of course backpacks. Some of it is impressive and innovative and some of it is downright frustrating and poorly designed. On occasion I get to test a piece of gear that turns out to be quite a nice surprise. Something that I expect to be good, but it still exceeds my expectations. This happens to be the case with the new Quick Backpack from Cannondale, a bag designed for cyclists but versatile enough to be used for so much more.

The first thing that caught my attention about the Quick Backpack was just how many storage options it has. In addition to the voluminous interior pocket, complete with padded laptop sleeve, the bag has another large zippered pocket built into the lid and a smaller organizational pocket for storing pens, business cards, USB drives or any other small items that you want to carry with you. Two deep side holsters are perfect for even large water bottles and integrated helmet loops make it a snap to carry your headgear.

Constructed from very high quality nylon, this pack is durable and rugged. I am impressed with how well it handls day-to-day use without a hint of wear and tear and its water-resistant fabrics make it a perfect commuter pack for when you’re meeting friends or heading to the office. The designers even had the foresight to line the bottom of the pack with a rubberized fabric that further helps to keep the interior safe and dry.

If I was impressed with the solid construction of the Quick Backpack, I was doubly so with how comfortable it is to wear. The shoulder straps and back panel feature thick padding without compromising ventilation. This helps the pack to carry a heavy load with ease, both on and off the bike, and I found myself choosing this bag not just for my regular rides but also for jetting off to the office as well.

All of my favorite gear have one thing in common and that is a level of versatility that makes them all useful in a variety of situations. The Cannondale Quick Backpack certainly fits that description. As I mentioned above, this bag is good enough to be used not just while cycling but for your daily needs or even while traveling. I love how large and easy to access the pockets are, which helps to keep all of your gear well organized and close at hand. I also love how well padded and well built it is as well, which not only helps protect the contents of the bag but ensure that you’ll be using it for years to come.

If you, or the cyclist in your life, is looking for a pack that is comfortable, durable and versatile, then look no further. Cannondale has you well covered. Oh, and this pack also happens to be very affordable. Priced at just $120, the Quick Backpack is quite a bargain.

Kraig Becker